A few days ago I was going for a lovely stroll along the sea wall here in Vancouver. Someone ran
I was recently asked whether I could oversee a group work session, for no other reason than to create a
A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my podcast app looking for a topic that would pique my interest.
I have no shortage of inspirational women in my life. So for International Women’s Day 2021 I wanted to show
I was recently introduced to the concept of being stuck in create mode, and it blew my mind a tiny
Confession time. I've been living in a perfectionist fantasy for (at least) a year now. I wanted my first ever
Well, it’s that time again. As the Gregorian calendar year comes to a close, many of us are thinking about
As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, the thought of embracing mistakes feels counter-intuitive to say the least. I’ve spent the majority of
The elusive signature style is a topic that I’ve encountered many times over the last few years. Sometimes people are
  As someone who considers herself to be creative, working on my art should be easy, right? Enter the procrastination